About Us

Vision Statement

The Beth-Hark Christian Counseling Center, Inc. (BHCCC) aspires to relieve suffering and promote healthy relationships through excellent and accessible services to all who are in need. These services are provided without regard to creed, color or socio-economic status by competent staff who strive to faithfully integrate Christian/Biblical truths with principles of pastoral care.


  • Integrating Christian/Biblical principles into its services and operations
  • Upholding ethical standards of conduct
  • Excellence in all of its governance, stewardship and management
  • Being client-centered in all of its services, policies and procedures
  • Strong teamwork among staff and between staff and board to provide an outstanding example of non-profit governance, management and services
  • Ongoing assessment of all its services, policies and procedures
  • Nurturing collaborative working relationships with community organizations
  • Promoting racial and/or ethnic diversity of its staff and Board
  • Utilization of cost-effective approaches to delivery of services
  • Professional development and life-long learning for all staff

Our Mission

“Offering Help, Healing and Hope” will pursuing excellence in the provision of pastoral care, casework services, food assistance and advocacy services through the efforts of staff and volunteers who are committed to being conduits of the love of Jesus Christ.